If You Want A Winning Game Plan So You Can Get Her Back Without Making Mistakes, Then Read Everything On This Page To See How We're Gonna Do This.

This Is A 4-Week Online Bootcamp With Hands-on Training, Live Coaching, And A Classified Modulated Course So You Can Get Your Ex Back Using State Control System In The Next 30 Days.


  • Make Up for The Begging & Pleadings, Get Her To Forgive You & Forget About Any Other Guys In Her Life

  • Break Free From The Anxiety & Terror Of Separation

  • Resolve Arguments, Fights, And Get Her To Date You Again Without Rejecting You

What is it?


Ex-Back Master Plan™ is a 4-week “online” and confidential coaching program with live calls & personal training. It shows you how to get your ex back using the State Control Method.

Who Is This For You?


If your marriage or relationship ended (or you feel it might end soon), and you want things to go back to the way they were, then this is for you.

Where Does It Happen?


Ex-Back Master Plan course is online and consists of training videos, tools, live Coaching calls. You complete it online, on your own time.

How Does It Work?


You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Ask questions on the calls (or other simple ways), follow the process, get results.

When Does It Start?


Ex-Back Master Plan is an online course, it starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You get lifetime access.

Why Does It Exist?


I created this coaching program because there was nothing that showed us guys how to stop a breakup or divorce. I filled that void and in extreme detail.

Why Did I Create This Program?

  • #5 - Most guys who lose their woman, they just don't know what to do! So they keep banging their heads against the wall and end up in the cycle of terror! Let me ask you for example:


    • Do you have a plan in place to figure out exactly how to pass this period in the next 30, 60, or 90 days? 
    • Do you have a system in place to change her mind without getting rejected, without appearing needy, or without making more mistakes? 
    • Do you know what to text her next? 

    • Do you know what to do if she doesn’t write back to you? 

    • Do you know how to bring up the “us” talk again without pissing her off?


    These are all valid questions and have answers you must know to be able to get her back. We cover these in extreme details in the program along with live coaching calls since every case is different.

State Control System

And How It Will Help You Get Your Ex Back

If you want her back, you have to re-build attraction and/or trust with her again!


To do so you must take the control back otherwise you will continue to react irrationally and lose her forever.


Remember these three:


 - She won't return just because you're miserable or beg for her. 

 - She won't come back just because you sit back and wait with no communication. 

 - She won't come back just because you have a couple of kids together!


She needs to know that you’re the guy she could lean on! Not a clueless guy who can't even take care of himself... stuck waiting because he has no idea what to do.


You just like every other guy who is going through a reparation have 2 choices:


#1 - Rot in "No Contact" and wait for her to tell you what to do.


#2 - Take control of this breakup, of "how you think-feel", and "the dynamic between the two of you" so you can get her back systematically.

You Can Implement State Control In The Next 4 Weeks And Get Her To Come Back To You On Her Own Will.


To Do So You Have To Hit 4 Milestones.


Milestone 1 - Prepare

- Stop screwing up your chances until you know what you need to do.

- Stop being that "guy who doesn’t get it".

- Plan it in details. Stop doing random things. You MUST follow the Ex-Back blueprint to setup your warmap.


Milestone 2 - Taking Inner Control

Wipe traces of "Emotional weakness, Feminine behaviour, Indecisiveness, Insecurity, Passive behaviour, Neediness, Anger, Sadness, Jealousy, Regret, Hate, Butthurt and Guilt".


Milestone 3 - Taking Outer Control

Take control of the dynamics between the two of you.

This includes all your texts as well as all your communications with her, so that you can get her attention again. 

You need to VERY QUICKLY learn how to communicate with her better than any other guy she meets.

- As a boss, assertive, 

- Fully non-reactive, 

Willing to walk away and be fine without her, 

Not in the least needy!


To apply that you must learn advanced frame control and micro-calibration.

Milestone 4 - Engagement & Transitioning Into A New Relationship

Finally, once all 3 previous milestones have been reached, you engage and transition into a new relationship. This is when everything comes together.


I’ll show you in a minute how to do this in the next 30 days!

State Control Implementation Bootcamp!

Ex-Back Master Plan

Program Content, The Components, Course Calendar, And The Curriculum

This Is Not A Typical "Bullshit $47 Course" With An Ebook & A Bunch Of Irrelevant Info Dump Videos! This Is Your 30-Day Action Plan With Detailed Day-By-Day Walk Through So You Can Get Out Of This Mess And Save Your Relationship From Real-World Divorce Or Breakup.

If Your Application Gets Approved, You Can Attend From The Seat That You Are Sitting At Right Now. 

Here's A Summary Of Everything You Will Get If I See I Can Help You & If Your Application Goes Through

  • Your 30-Day Battle Plan & Roadmaps So You Know What To Do Everyday Without Feeling Lost, Weak, Or Confused.

  • The Entire State Control System That I Myself Used And Got My Ex Brook Back And Also I Have Taught It To Several 100 Guys Before You Who Successfully Got Fantastic Results.

  • +100 Essential Videos So You Can Get Results Step-By-Step, All Organised In 1 Place Inside A Secured Members' Area. no More Searching Aimlessly.

  • 60 Days Exclusive Live Coaching Sessions So You Get Support And Answer To Your Questions Answered Every Week.

  • All Blueprints With Video Tutorials So You Learn How To Make Up For The Begging And Mistakes You Might Have Made And Rebuild Attraction With Her Again.

  • The Exact Text Messages She Wants You To Send Her So You Get Her Back Without Coming Off Needy Or Week.

  • Plus Everything You Need To Tell Her That Will Turn Her Attention Back To You And Cause Her To Begin To Obsessively Thinking About You Again.

  • A Deep Dive Into How To Overcome Anxiety, Fear, Doubt, Jealousy, Anger, Insecurity, And Thoughts That Torment You And May Even Keep You Awake At Nights.

  • Ex-Back Assignments, Daily Worksheets, And Action Items.

  • And A LOT More (Ex-Back Essential Toolbox)

Your 4-Week Ex Back Master Plan

This is your 30-day mission and detailed day-by-day instructions on what you should be doing each day starting today!

Instead of feeling confused, lost, and waiting impatiently for her to contact you, you’ll follow this roadmap so you’ll be able to take the next step with confidence and certainty, knowing you are doing the right thing.

Because the most important thing to get her back is

  • #1 Knowing what you’re doing.

  • #2 Avoid doing ANYTHING randomly.

  • #3 NOT waiting for her to tell you what to do.

Course Content

In Just 4-weeks , I'll help You Get Results. Here's How

Pre Training - Before Week 1

Week 1

Week 1 - Garbage Out


At this point, whatever you do will be done from a position of weakness and scarcity and so it will fail. Your insecurity will cause you to make mistakes and push her away because you are scared of losing her. The first step is to let go of your negative thoughts and emotions so you can open space for new beliefs, strategies, and practices to re-attract her.


Day 1    30-Minutes Video To Watch + Set aside 25 Minute For The Assignment

  • What caused the breakup, the real reasons she left (most of the times women never tell you this). 
  • Today’s assignment will clarify why she left and it’s crucial to know because once you know this, then yo’ll know what to do to get her back.
  • You will also receive the 11-minute emotional pain release ritual. A very effective sequence of exercises you can do in 11 minutes to reset and ease the pain dramatically.


Day 2    28-Minutes Video To Watch + Set aside 15 Minute For The Assignment

  • How to take control of your thoughts that have turned your relationship upside down and given all the power to her.
  • Today’s assignment will take away the power of the breakup and demonstrate why even the worst-case scenario cannot defeat you. Once you realize the monster ahead of you is not as hard as it appears, you can beat it more quickly.
  • You will also receive the Thought Combat tool, which offers powerful ways to remove energy suckers and drainers by installing sensors to filter the unwanted thoughts.


 Day 3    15-Minutes Video To Watch + Set aside 15 Minute For The Assignment And The Tool


  • Getting her back is You Vs You! Here is the problem… She quietly checks out of the relationship! A few months later when she is fully detached, she breaks the news. Here I’ll show you what winners do instead of accepting the defeat and what is the way to #1 never get into this position and #2 if you get in, how to get out.
  • Today’s assignment is the Never Again List. The list of the behavior and traits that caused the relationship to end and how to bust them 1-by-1.
  •  You will also receive the Post Breakup Mantra Tool.


Day 4    25-Minutes Video To Watch + Set aside 15 Minute For The Assignment And 10 Minutes For The Ice Bucket

  • Today we go over emotional strength! She knows an emotionally strong guy CAN protect her and vice versa! Breakup is a test. She is testing how he takes turbulence and if it remains unaffected, then she will give it another chance.
  • Today’s assignment is to commit to the 7-day discipline challenge. This will make going through the breakups much easier.
  • As well, we'll do the ice bucket exercise for 3 minutes to build mental stamina. 


Day 5    15-Minutes Video To Watch + Set aside 15 Minute For The Letter And 5 Minutes For The Punching

  • The most effective way to cope with days when dark emotions attack, when the heaviness feels like the end of the world!
  • Today’s assignment is to write a detailed breakup letter and bring up all the buried feelings that are eating you from the inside. 
  • Evicting The Inner Wuss! Today we'll release some dark emotions and get physical.


Day 6    25-Minutes Video To Watch + Set aside 15 Minute To Write The Lists And 15 Minutes For The Unplug 

  • How to de-pedestal her so you can create a dynamic that works for you. 
  • Today's assignment is to create four lists that make you see how things are/were.
  • Give your system a break for 15 minutes and cross today off the calendar

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

While there are no easy situations, with a proper system, you will achieve results

Course Calendar

The Program Consists Of Four Milestones That Each Take 1-2 Weeks To Complete

Week 1
Day Concept Implementation Tool
1 Why She Left Triggers Worksheet Pain Release Ritual
2 Thought Combat WCS Worksheet Thought Combat Tool
3 Taking Back Control "Never Again" List Those Mantras
4 Inner Resilience 7 Day Challenge The Ice Bucket
5 Emotional Waves The Breakup Letter The Punching Doll
6 That Pedestal The Truth Lists Cross Today Off
7 Catch Up Day Review Feedback
Week 2
Day Concept Implementation Tool
8 Going Fearless Your Freedom Roll Out Of The Bed
9 Despair Blocker Gratitudes? Why? Unplug
10 Forgiving Your Ex Guilt Buster Forgiveness
11 Confidence Pillars Confidence Builders CB Checklist
12 Your Standards Your Values List Vision Board
13 The Purpose Purpose Exercise  
14 Catch Up Day Review Feedback
Week 3
Day Concept Implementation Tool
15 Fundamentals Your Perfect 10 Attract Book
16 How to Get Dates Getting Dates  
17 Texting Customized Messages Text Validator
18 Attraction Attraction Killer List Of AK
19 Date Blueprint DB Worksheet The Kiss Test
20 When You Pull Escalation Routines Fast Arousal
21 Catch Up Day Review Feedback
Week 4
Day Concept Implementation Tool
22 Reality Check Should You Get Back? Red Alert List
23 Ex Back Frame Positive Perspective Interaction Hacks
24 Blocked? Next 30 Days The Blacklist
25 How to Initiate Contact Preparing Messages Her Tests
26 Advanced Framing Before Dates Date Ideas
27 The 'Us Talk' Preparation Relapse Combat
28 Catch Up Day Review Feedback
29 Q&a    
30 Q&a  

THE Ultimate Coaching Mega Vault

Getting Her Back Alone Is Just Not Possible. You Have Blind Spots, Flooded With Emotions, And The Margin For Error Is Just Too Narrow.

8 Live Group Coaching Calls

You are going to get 2 month live weekly group coaching calls (8 calls) because you’re gonna have questions that need to be answered!


Instead of paying ridiculous amounts for hourly coaching calls with coaches who don't provide real value, I've got you covered for 2 months .


Every week we get on a coaching call to answer questions and show you how to get even better results.


These calls are optional but highly recommended. If you cannot attend, you can submit your questions and I’ll go over them on the call. You can watch the call recording after the call.

These calls are confidential and will not reveal names, locations, or any other sensitive information.

8 Private 1-On-1 Coaching Calls

You are also going to get 8x15 minute private coaching calls to have a safe place to share your situation privately and get perspective.

30 Day Check-In WhatsApp & Voxer

I also got you covered over voice & text so you won't go through this alone. This helps you release tension instantly.

30 Day Powerful Journal Coaching

Track the symptoms day by day and track the triggers so you can control them.

The Ultimate Texting Secrets

Everything You Need To Get Her Back All In One Place

You're Fully Covered!

You Need To Prepare To Date Her Again

The Advanced Dating Master Class

To get her back and avoid rejection again, you must find out what she wants, how she feels, and how to make her feel secure and with your current knowledge and experience it would be impossible.


You must get her to trust you again and see that you have changed without you telling her and there is a way to all of that!


By learning certain strategies and an attitude that appeals to her, you can build and maintain her interest. 


I will give you an in-depth education that will explain how to do that step by step.


The Case Studies

A collection of quick videos where I dissect real case studies analysis of both successful and failed divorce and breakups


I have discretely documented the work I did with guys before you, and basically why certain couples got back together even after affairs and in other cases, they didn't so you can use other people's experiences and apply them to your situation and say. 


It’s essential for you to watch because you need a new perspective to approach your ex

Essential Addons

+30 Essential Addons Videos 

  • Surviving Infidelity
  • The 3 Step Close 
  • Conflict And Argument Hacks
  • The Breakup First Aid Kit
  • And More...

Life Control Blueprint

To get her back you need VERY QUICKLY IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS  to make a shift in your lifestyle because

  • She will ONLY give you a chance if she sees you have genuinely changed.

  • She won’t tolerate sadness, confusion, or any unattractive traits!

So I will show you how to use the breakup force for good, instead of just being miserable, build a lifestyle of abundance and joy so that she will question why she even left

I will show my personal lifestyle blueprint you can follow and quickly build a happy, purposeful, and enjoyable life so you can truly be happy, healthy, become rich in every aspect, attract love and that beautiful woman in your life again. 

  • I will show you 

    • How to spend your days if you feel lonely, stressed, or sad.

    • How to find your purpose (She needs you to have a purpose).

    • How to make plan for what's coming your way in life.

    • How to meet new people and build a social circle so you can have new connections and options.

    • Gym workout programs + nutrition plans.

    • And the training I did that cost me thousands of dollars with trainers and years to learn so you can quickly boost your life within the next 2-8 weeks and make significant changes to your lifestyle so you wake up every morning full of energy, with a plan to go about your life.

    • She needs to see you’re doing well PERIOD! If she looks at you and sees you are living like a sad miserable man and can’t even take care of yourself, then she would never come back! So start implementing everything I show you here!

Relationship Secrets

I’m also gonna toss in a copy of my Relationship Program so you can maintain the attraction in a long term relationship and never again in the future lose your power or end up in situations like this!

Here Is EVERYTHING You Get When You Sign Up

+100 Videos, Confidential Coaching Calls, Plus All The Programs Listed Above

    • The Complete State Control Coaching Program

    • The Ultimate Coaching Mega Vault

    • Advanced Dating Master Class

    • Life Control Blueprint

    • Case Study Reports

    • Relationship Program

    • Super Bonus Pack

    • The Powerful 3-Step-Close Formula

    • 30% Discount On 1-0n-1 Coaching Sessions

    • The Breakup First Aid Kit

    IMPORTANT - I Don't Offer To Sell You Anything Here On This Page. 

    My schedule is extremely tight and I can only sign up a very limited number of guys that I know I can help. 

    This program is very private, very exclusive, and you can only sign up if you and I speak first.


    Here is why:



    First of all, there are just not enough spots. Right now, I can speak only to 1 or 2, or maximum 3 guys that are potentially qualified to join the program today and start in the next 24 hours. 



    I'm only going to have time for a limited number of guys since we have to do the coaching calls and other trainings.



    Secondly I am extremely picky about who I choose to work with. There are cases I won't work with.



    • If you are willing to implement 

    • If you are committed to doing the work 

    • If you want me to show you what to do so you don't make any more mistakes

    • If you want the complete system and everything you see on this page

    • If you truly believe your ex and your relationship is worth the investment 


    Fill the form below. I receive your request on my phone instantly. I'll message you and we choose a time when we can have a quick 5-10 minute chat. 


    That way we can make sure this is the right thing for you and we can work together.


    If I see it's a match and I can help you, then fantastic. I will send you the links and show you how you can get on board and start right away.


    If it’s not a match, then no problem, no strings attached!


    And yes, you will talk directly with me and not a middleman bullshit. 

    Here Is What To Do Next

    There are only a limited number of spots available. If you want to get her back contact me right now while this page is up and before someone else takes your place. 

    Claim Your Spot Before Someone Else Does

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you do the right thing!




    P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:


    I'm signing up three more guys for the 4-week Confidential Coaching Program. This program includes live calls, tools, and hands-on training that shows you how to get your ex back using State Control Method.


    Read the details on this page and fill out the form above so we can have a quick chat. If I see I can get you results and we can work together, then you may sign up.


    Sms or Whatsapp: +1 (516) 874-5777


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